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1. Booking Flights

Is it better and cheaper to book flights way in advance? The answer is YES, and NO!

Booking far in advance, and don’t require making any changes, yes definitely it will be cheaper. It is better, you don’t have to worry about booking your flight. 

But…. Yes, there is a but…

Booking your flight far in advance and you do try to change your booking. You are very likely to experience the devastation of incurring a penalty change fee. Which defeats the purpose of you saving money. Be adaptable and don’t book your flights way in advance, just in case of a last-minute sale. 

Look daily for flights, booking flights is virtually the same as buying stock on the stocks market the prices keeps on changing every day. Watch the “markets” and “execute” your buy between 120 days to 21 days before the flight. 

2. Carry-On Bag

carry-on backpack

Pack valuables and essentials in your carry-on.

“US Department of Transportation stated,” under 3% of luggage lost per 1 000 passengers carried on Domestic Flights, and about 5.73 bags per 1000 Passengers lost baggage worldwide. 

Baggage still get misdirected or lost every year. Airlines will do everything it can to find your luggage, once it is officially declared as lost, the airline needs to reimburse you. Still, you don’t want to go on holiday, and your baggage goes missing. Always pack your valuables and essentials in your carry-on bag. 

3. Currency Homework

currency exchange notice board

While planning your trip for your next extraordinary destination, check your destination website for any Rules and Regulations/Laws. Most countries don’t have a limit on how much money you can bring into the country. Still, some have a cash limit by meaning you’re only allowed to have a limited amount of cash on you. It’s allowed to bring more, but you will need to declare the amount and probably complete tedious paperwork. When arriving at the airport, the last thing you need is to be delayed for paperwork.  

4. Travel Documents

orange and green label airplane ticket

Don’t stress yourself, you don’t have to prepare for each scenario that can go wrong, but before you leave home, make sure you have soft copies of all your information. If your bag gets misplaced or lost, you still have soft copies on your mobile available.

Keep information like your boarding pass, airline tickets, copies of your passport, hotel booking/car rental reservation information, Visa copies, Travel Insurance, Driver’s license, etc. 

Simple ways to keep your data & info safe and secure:

  • Email to your own email account (and perhaps to your partner, friend or co-traveler)
  • Store your information on a memory stick 
  • Save info on a portable device, mobile or laptop (won’t recommend)
  • Store the info of your choice on an online cloud (recommended)

Why do I recommend an online cloud? 

Even if your mobile and bag are missing, you can still access your travel documents by merely logging in from any device that has access to the internet. Your information is always safe and secure, giving fraudsters and identity thieves no chance to steal your information. 

Look at it this way with an online cloud; you keep your documents secure, and you can access it anywhere in the world. As a bonus upload all your amazing photos from your luxurious holiday straight to your online cloud.

Stop worrying about your docs. Store documents, photos, and so much more safe and secure today with the most reliable drives One Drive OR Google Drive.

Don’t be a victim. Get your Drive today!

5. Baggage

colorful travel luggage

It’s a fact that we all buy our bags at the same stores. You don’t want to take the wrong bag and only realize when you arrive at your hotel that you have taken someone else’s bag, and you don’t want someone else disappearing with your bag. 

In case this happens, go to the nearest airline customer service counter and report it immediately. If you have already left and only realize after you open your bag at the hotel, contact the airliner as soon as possible. This also comes back to the tip above to keep all your travel documents safe and secure, to be able to make the call and have all your information on hand for the airliner to assist you further. 

As a Traveler, you can increase your chances of finding your bag much faster by just marking your bags. If it’s a colorful ribbon, adding patches or stickers on your baggage. It’s still recommended to add name tags on your bags with your contact details, name, and surname. These days you can buy luggage covers, but don’t just think of purchasing luggage covers that it’s not possible for you to lose your luggage. 

Do as much modification as possible to enhance your chance of spotting your bag faster. 

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