bag including a camera, hat, headset and tablet

1. Self-Catering 

Many hostels and rented apartments are available for self-catering utilizing cooking facilities. By just splitting the days of your trip in two and decide that you will be preparing your meals for half of your trip will save you a significant amount of money. Get cooking with Trip.com and Bookings.com



2. Free Activities

building in florence

Search on google “free activities and your location,” from strolling the streets between the best architecture buildings in the world to free-walking tours, Hollywood walk of fame, Art Museums to farmers’ markets. You will be surprised how many free activities are available in the country you’re visiting. 



3. Exchanging Currency

european union money

Exchanging currency at airports, and other countries can be quite expensive, they’re well known to offer you the worst exchange rates. Instead, exchange currency from your bank to save extra money. 



4. Booking Flights

aircraft landing sky

Studies have shown to book flights between 120 days to 21 days before your trip to get the cheapest flights. For some reason, checking flights in the afternoon is also less expensive than the mornings and evenings. Check out the latest deals from Cheapoair and Jetradar


5. Transport 

car rental parked with the sea and a cruise ship in the background

Depending on your trip, try to use public transport as much as possible. If you are traveling to different locations, I recommend getting a car rental for the duration. In some countries, I won’t recommend using public transport at all, due to personal safety and unpredictability. Book car rentals in advance to save money with Discover Cars



6. Rent an Apartment

an empty apartment

You’ll find renting an apartment can work out much cheaper, total privacy, and no schedule than staying in a hotel. By renting an apartment, you’ll also find you have more space, fully equipped kitchen, washer, and dryer. Save by renting an apartment through Agoda and VRBO.



7. WiFi

padlock locked old

Everywhere you go at this day and age you’ll find WiFi, don’t just pay for WiFi. While sitting at a restaurant, bar, or checking in at your hotel, ask if they have free WiFi. In most cases, WiFi will be free, and you can save money, be careful it is still public WiFi. It’s advisable to use a VPN before you connect your smart device or laptop. A Virtual Private Network encrypts your Internet connection to secure and protect your privacy at all times. Secure your connection now with NordVPN.

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